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   Conferences / The Tenth General Conference :Islam and The 21st Century
The Cairo Declaration

In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate
The Cairo Declaration
Starting from the premises of our great religion through which
Allah has removed mankind from the shadows and brought it into the
light, liberating them from their shackles and rooting in the earth
right, peace and justice.
Guided by the bearer of the last Divine message, Mohamed peace
be upon him and blessings of Allah, sent by the Almighty, Lord of the
universe, whose life was devoted to the struggle between those led
astray and those guided along the right path, between good and evil,
the messenger who proclaimed to all and sundry that all humans were
equal and that 110 superiority lay with an Arab over an alien, nor a
white man over a black one except through piety and also safeguarded
man's sanctity.
Conscious as we are, delegations from the Islamic world
gathering in Cairo from all parts of the world, of the standing of our
religion and of our Umma with respect to the awesome change that
turned the world into a mere village where cultures and civilizations
succeeded each other.
Given that we are the offspring of the Umma qualified once upon
a time as being the best nation upholding righteousness and rejecting
evil, the Umma that proclaimed that man's mastery over the universe
did not vest him with the right of mastering the universe and that he
should remain in the rightful position of being the worshipper of Allah,
submitting to His will and abiding by His law.
We have agreed to meet in the blessed land of Egypt at the tenth
General Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs to
examine together the nature of the role the Islamic world is called
upon to play in the 2lst century, the century of amazing techniques and
revolutionary knowledge.
While the teachings of our religion encourage mankind to seek
the bounties of science and power kept in check however by an ethical
fence, nevertheless the vigour of power should not overcome the
serenity or values nor should the force of science prevail over the
dignity of man to whom Allah has vested with mastery over the
We ask mail in general to be conscious of the fact that Allah's
laws for the universe shall not permit him, however mighty he
becomes, to destroy the universe and spread evildoings over the earth.
Since the world is preparing today to enter the 21 century, that should
doubtless retain our interest and attention as sons of to Islamic world
that number over one fifth if the inhabitants of the Earth and when we
prosper, the whole world will equally prosper, and if we are raced with
risks. so shall the world also be.
In view of the foregoing, all Muslims throughout the world
should vie, with energy and determination to assume their
responsibilities, towards their fate and towards the future of mankind
at large during that new century. They should learn to speak the
language of the new times adopted by States and peoples, i.e. the
language of science and technology, and of the soul stirring revolution
that occurred in the field of information and communication so that
the world shall hear their message and allows their interests to occupy
the rightful place to which they belong.
All the Muslims, in every corner of the earth should reconsider
their positions and strive to the best of their capacity to occupy their
rightful place, by virtue of their history and civilization on the scene of
the 21st century, otherwise they would be left to the throes of
backwardness and forever forgotten.
The developments that occurred on the international scene
require of the Umma to study them carefully and objectively. Such
issues as technology, globalization, the revolution in the field of
information and communication ..etc. cannot a prior be accepted or
rejected. They must be carefully studied, without any sensitivity
feelings or previous judgement. Every facet should be scrutinized to
assess its positive and negative aspects in order to adopt the right stand
that takes into consideration the national interests of people.
Islam, on the threshold of the 21st century, stands at a crossroads.
We who belong to that religion should seek to accompany Islam and
introduce it to the new century free of any fanaticism or extremism, of
which it is falsely accused with felonious intent, that are contrary to its
teachings and inherent rules. Muslims should discard the divergences
over marginal matters and concentrate on laying and implementing
comprehensive development plans in order to escape from the
backwardness that is at present girdling the Islamic world and drawing
it backwards.
It is not fitting that a nation blessed with such a venerable
civilization should be found helpless, with no will of its own and unable
to take up the challenges facing it at a time when those all around us
are progressing at a fast pace. Never shall the weak and meek occupy
any position on the road to progress for indeed time shall overtake
them and history forget them.
The two previous conferences of the Supreme Council for Islamic
Affairs on "Islam and the future of civilized dialogue" and on "Islam
and the West" respectively, provided ample evidence that Islam was
extending its hand with an open heart and conscious mind to open the
door of dialogue and cooperation with all the peoples of the world in
order to achieve the human objectives of security, stability and peace.
While our Conference is turning inwards to induce the peoples
of the Umma to harness all their potentialities to achieve prosper
of the Islamic world, such an option nevertheless is tightly linked
to the objectives of the two previous conferences.
We are neither racist nor secular, nor haughty, we do not seek
confrontation and struggle with others. Our goal as Muslims shall
remain as it is i.e. to achieve progress in order to enable the Umma
to contribute positively and effectively to the solution of the
problems of the world around us and also achieve security, justice
and lasting peace to all the peoples without any exception. The
Umma is duty bound to close ranks in order to enable its creed to
protect man from his own self and safeguard the universe from the
perils inherent in that century.
Allah is Master of what He ordains and the best of protectors
and guardian.

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