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   Conferences / The Eleventh General Conference: Towards a Civilized Project for the
                         Renaissance of the Muslim

In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Ever-merciful
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hamdy Zakzouk
Minister of M-Awqaf
In the torrential events of our contemporary world, which stupendously
accelerate, one turns around and wonders: Where are we, Muslims, in those ongoing
events of this world? Where is the Muslims' role in them? And where is the position
that tallies with their historically known outstanding record of civilizations?
One soon recovers, and his gaze turns over spurned and it becomes regretfully
ever weary to collide with the actual state of affairs, which is void of any Muslim role.
The arena of the global race has dropped Muslims from consideration, not only in
terms of participating in the world affairs, which is our world, but even also in
making the crucial decisions that concern the Muslims themselves. So, it became
applicable to us the poet's saying
Decisions are made when "Tayms" are absent,
And they are even ignored when they are present.
However, is it proper for us, Muslims, to make of this miserable situation a
"Wailing Wall" where we wail over our bad luck, and curse the circumstances that
dropped us behind and placed others ahead of us?
No, this is not the proper way, nor does it suit a nation that Allah wanted for it
to be the most charitable nation brought out for mankind, in case it has fulfilled the
conditions that make it worthy of it. Therefore, it is imperative for this nation to
review its accounts, and to rearrange the Muslim house internally, with the aim of
changing to the better in the light of the well established Qur'anic law: "Surely Allah
does not change what is in a people, until they change what is in themselves"
(Ar-Ra'd 11).
For this purpose, the 11th general conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic
Affairs was held under the title: "Towards a civilized project for the Renaissance of
the Muslim World" with the aim of looking for the right way for the Muslim nation
out of its current crisis, especially, as we are on the threshold of a new century and a
new millennium.
The intellects of the Muslim delegations who represented more than seventy
countries met around the table of this conference to discuss the conditions necessary
for the renaissance and development of the Muslim world which owns the material
and human power that makes it qualify for initiating a true renaissance.
This conference is distinguished by addressing this issue objectively. It ended up
with presenting a futuristic realistic view that departs from any imagination.
Moreover, the delegations to this conference were up to this responsibility, and were
well aware of the absolute importance of this crucial issue.
We are quite certain that this issue cannot be addressed in only one conference,
due to its multiple ramifications and dimensions, and complicated topics. But what
cannot be realized as a whole, should not be abandoned as a whole. So, we hope to
cover some other aspects of this issue in future conferences, Allah willing.
Ever since the 8th conference, the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs has been
in the habit of issuing a voluminous book comprising all the events and activities of
the conference, in order that neither the issues discussed, nor the unanimous opinions
on the methods of attaining the objectives of our Muslim nation may be forgotten.
Today, we fulfil our promise, and present this volume to our dignified readers,
so that they may be aware of the issues and concerns of their Muslim nation,
especially, the issue of the comprehensive renaissance of our Muslim world. This issue
calls upon every person in the Muslim nation to acquire an awareness of civilization,
active participation, positive contribution, diligent work, and sincere effort to build a
bright future for the generations to come, so that our nation may achieve its
objectives of a comprehensive development, civilized progress, and moral and
material promotion, and so that it may assume its proper position amongst other
nations, and make the three Divine promises mentioned in the Qur'an come true
"Allah has promised the ones of you who have believed and did deeds of
righteousness that indeed He will definitely make them successors in the earth. (even)
as He made the one before them successors, and that indeed He will definitely
establish for them their religion that He is Divinely satisfied with for them, and that
He will definitely give them in exchange, even after their fear, security" (An-Nur :
Seeking Allah's satisfaction is our aim, and He is the Reckoner for
us, and how excellent is The Ever-Trusted Trustee.
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud H. Zakzouk
Minister of Al-Awqaf
1th Muharram 1421 AH
6th April 2000 AD

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