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Dr. Mohamed Bechari
President National Federation of Muslims in France
The function of this server is to provide access through a phone
connection to any user that wants to be connected to the Internet. The
necessary basic equipment for it is two powerful computers (Servers), a
Router and a Frame Relay. Then, it is necessary to contract with the
National Telephone Company for the use of a certain bandwidth. The wider
the bandwidth the greater the access speed, the transmission quality, and the
quantity of users that can connect themselves at any one time. In our case,
we have contracted the minimum band width, which is 64 Kb, and that
allows about 30 users connected simultaneously. For this flow we pay
monthly 1,380 US to the Telephone Company, plus an initial registration
fee amounting to 6,000 US . There are servers with up to 32 megabytes
bandwidth, and this allows for thousands of users to be connected at the
same time, and a transmission quality capable of performing video-
conference TV and radio broadcasting. Yet, there are even more powerful
means such as cable and fiber optic and the transmission by satellite, which
will be the usual means in the very next future.
The quantity spent by us in this respect is of approximately
30,600 US.
This aspect refers to the Capacity to provide information. To achieve
this task, Junta Isl?mica has set up in the Net the following four domains
(more than 30,000 pages):
www. cie.es
This domain provides information on the Islamic Commission of Spain,
its organizational structure, positions, statutes, Agreement of Co-operation
with the Spanish State, etc.
www. feeri.es
This domain contains information on the Spanish Federation of Islamic
Religious Entities and around 50 Communities that form it.
www. verdeislam.com
This domain offers about a thousand pages, which cover the eight
issues of Verde Islam magazine, already published. The information
contained here can be considered the most relevant reference to know and
understand the thought of Muslims in Spain and their attitudes towards
contemporary affairs.
www. webislam.com
Web Islam is a digital newspaper made by Muslims and their
communities in Spain and soon, in Latin America as well, presenting in
formation about their activities. By means of articles, writings, and
graphic work, it expresses their vision and realities. Its function is to
inform anyone interested in Islam, to answer queries of Muslims and to
communicate to the general public and to Islamic Communities in the
Latin-America environment.
Web Islam has a team of writers that chooses what is to be
published, based on Islamic criteria and a certain standard of quality.
Any person can send writings, graphic works, and articles that may be
published, discarding anything that contains offending material to people
or institutions, hate speech, calls to violence, and all that goes against the
fundamental laws of the Spanish State.
Sections of Web Islam
- News:
Information of interest on the Islamic world and on the Islamic
communities in Spain and the Latin American environment.
- Library:
This section contain fundamental texts of Islam and others of
historical interest: Translation of the Qur'an in Spanish, hadith
collections (like lmam Malik's Muwatta' and Riyadh As-Salihin of Imam
Nawawi), as well as texts referring to tasawwuf, sira, fiqh, history, Islamic
culture and art, etc. At the moment it contains more than 10,000 pages.
- Legat Text:
Legislation related to religious freedom in Spain, agreements between
the Spanish State and the Islamic communities at all levels (state,
autonomous, provincial, municipal community), besides European Union
rules in this respect.
- Education:
Educational resources, programs, curriculum and legislation on the
topic. (See the Project about The Islamic Open University, Arabic).
- Frequently Asked Questions and Questions of Fiqh:
Answers questions that Muslims or non-Muslims put forward about
- Communities:
Section dedicated to the Communities of the Spanish Federation of
Islamic Religious Entities, mosques of each city, international religious
movements present in Spain.
- Health:
Besides the official medicine, there is medicine based on natural
methods and traditional knowledge. In this section we want to introduce
those methods of alternative and Prophetic medicine.
- Khutbas:
In this section we will reproduce khutbas of some of the most relevant
imams in Spain.
- Fatwas:
Islamic jurisprudence on topics of current interest.
- Biographies:
Section dedicated to the biographies of the most excellent Muslims in
history, beginning with Sayyidina Muhammad, other Prophets, Imams,
al Sahaba al Kiram, A'immat al Madhahib and Auliyaa' (May Allah be
pleased with them all).
- poetry:
Qasidas and poetry of Muslims devoted to inner aspects of Islam.
- Conferences, courses and activities carried out by the
Communities in Spain.
Conferences on Islam, courses related to Islam and Arabic Language,
calendar of activities of the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious
Entities and its various Communities.
- Artist's corner:
Section with pictures, drawings, engravings and sounds, produced by
- Communities and Islamic Cultural Centres:
Post addresses, telephone numbers, fax and electronic mail of the
communities and Islamic centres of the FEERI and of Latin American
- Links:
Internet links to other Web pages related to Islam.
Production, translations of texts, computer typesetting, lay-out, art-
design and setting in Internet of all this material, are very difficult to
evaluate since it has been made over an extended period of time and we
don't have precise records, but we estimate it to be not less than
Not included here are the expenses on infrastructure, equipment and
maintenance of Junta Islamica office needed to bring the project to its
present stage. It should be noted that none of its members have received
regular wages.
Regarding the necessary budget to develop the project in a proper
way, it would depend on which level of implementation we target. The main
factors to consider are:
- Bandwidth contracted with the Telephone Company:
It can go from 1,380 US up to around 45,000 US, monthly, plus the
registration fee, which varies between 6,000 US and 48,275 US.
- Computer and other electronic equipment:
Around 50,000 US should be invested to be able to offer better
service (video-conference, IRC, newsgroups, etc.) and avoid traffic
- Professional staff:
1 Technician operator.
2 Writers I Teachers
I Chief editor.
I English translator.
I Arabic translator.
1 Layout and Web designer.
I Administration secretary
If we estimate an average wage of 1,400 US per person/month
we would need 134,400 US to cover one year's wages for staff only.
- Office maintenance
Around 20,000 US per year.
Still there is another aspect to be considered: the possibility of
revenues. There are two main ways to achieve this. One is getting a monthly
payment from the people connected through the server (in Spain, this
amounts to around 10 US per month) although some institutions, mainly
banks, make it free, as a way of promotion. We consider that if our server
were to offer this service free (it can be for institutions, for Islamic
Communities, or private individuals) it would be a great propaganda tool
for making people know about Islam. The other is through advertisement
on the main page. The more people are connected, the higher the insertion
fee will be for the company logo and message.
Our e-mails: - -
Le Prsident
FNMF: 5, rue Scheurer Kestner 42000 Saint-Etienne
Tl:04 77 93 26 53 - Fax: 04 77 74 97 30
Rs: La rosiere, /8 50 Feignies FRANCE
GSN: (+33) 681305888 Fax: (+33) 327683083

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