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   Conferences /The Ninth General Conference:Islam And The West Past - Present - Future
      The Minister's Introduction
      Islam and The West By: HRH The Prince of Wales.
      Muslims as Co-Citizens in The West By: Dr. Murad Wilfried Hofmann
      Boundaries and Bridges: Muslim Communities in Multicultural Canada By: John Sigler
      Reinforcing the Dialogue between Islam and The West By: Meraj Khalid
      Specifies of Development of Islam in Ukraine at the Present Stage By: Emir Valeyev
      A Strong Beginning for Muslims in Canada By: Dr. Farid R. Ahmad.
      A Promising Dialogue for Understanding and Peace By: Amb. Lars Lonnback
      Speech of The Vatican.
      Christianity and Islam The Values We Share By: His Eminence Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo
      Cairo Declaration
      The Recommendation
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