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"Is it not enough that thy Lord is a Witness ever all things ?"

With this verse with which I conclude my book I, once again, want to remind, after all that I have said and explained, that, since the inimitable elocution of the Quran was so evident and apparent in all the verses quoted therein, we should have faith in God and, with it, we should emancipate ourselves from the world of material. Then, we will realise that it is the Almighty God who gives us proofs of the existence of whatever is around us and that those things found around are not the things which give such a proof. God, the Beneficent, is He Who gives this universe the form and the meaning, and this meaning is always kept in the depths of our souls and inner consciousnesses. This point was deliberately left in the course of our scientific survey, as science interpretes the universe's phenomena only. And for this reason physicals turn to philosophers and, later, to religious men. This is because religion is above philosophy and philosophy is again above science.

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