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   THE MOSQUES OF EGYPT \ 5.THE MAMLUK PERIOD, 648 - 923H. (1250- 1517 A.D.) .

31- THE MOSQUE OF THE QADI 'ABD AL- BASIT 823H.(1420) . THIS MOSQUE is situated at al- Khurunfish. It was founded in 823H. (1420) by the Qadi Zayn ad- Din 'Abd al- Basit, President of the Exchequer, and chief of the Holy Carpet, in the reign of al- Malik al- Mu'aiyad Shaykh al- Mahmudi, and one of his favourites. During the reign of al- Ashraf Barsbay, he became Minister and Ustadar (Master of the Household). The mosque has two entrances, one in the eastern and the other in the northern faade. Each of them consists of a recess, roofed with stalactites, with a wooden door, plated with carved brass. There is a medallion in the centre, four corner- pieces, and a band of inscriptions above and below. The minaret is placed on the northern faade; it is almost an exact copy of that of al- Mu'aiyad's mosque, built at the same date. The mosque was built according to the cruciform madrasa plan, thus consisting of an open sahn, surrounded by four iwans. There is a plain mihrab in the centre of the qibla iwan, and next to it is a fine wooden minbar, the panels of which are inlaid with ivory and zarnashan. It is regarded as one of the finest minbars on account of its good craftsmanship. The floors of the qibla iwan and the sahn are paved with coloured marble, in beautiful geometrical patterns. The fine gilded decoration of the ceilings of the sabil and the corridor which leads from the eastern door to the sahn, show the same high standard of beauty as the ceilings of the mosque. The Department for the Preservation of Arab Monuments have recently repaired the minbar and completed the top of the minaret. Plate 111.

 5.THE MAMLUK PERIOD, 648 - 923H. (1250- 1517 A.D.) .

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