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   THE MOSQUES OF EGYPT \ 6.THE OTTOMAN PERIOD, 923 - 1220H. (1517- 1805 A.D.).

46- THE MOSQUE OF SULAYMAN PASHA (AT THE CITADEL) 935H.(1528) . THIS MOSQUE is situated within the Citadel of Salah ad- Din. It was founded by Sulayman Pasha al- Khadim, one of the Ottoman rulers of Egypt, in 935H. (1528) , on the remains of an old mosque, previously built on the same spot by Abu Mansur Qusta, Governor of Alexandria in the Fatimid Period. The Mosque of Sulayman Pasha is the first built in Egypt in the Ottoman style. The roofed part has a dome in the middle, surrounded by semi- domes, all of which are decorated with beautiful coloured ornament and various inscriptions. There is a marble dado ending with a band of Qur'anic verses in floral Kufic. The mihrab is of marble, and at the side of it is a minbar of white marble, decorated with carved ornament. A door on the west side opens into a sahn, paved with coloured marble; this is surrounded by four iwans, covered with domes, supported by arches which rest on piers. The eastern iwan has a dado of coloured marble. Attached to the western side of the sahn is a small mausoleum, containing a number of marble cenotaphs, with marble tombstones, capped with various types of head dresses, common at the period. The domes of the mosque were all covered externally with green tiles. The minaret is cylindrical and fluted; it has two galleries, each being supported by many tiers of stalactites; it ends with a conical top, covered with green tiles. This type of Ottoman minaret was popular in most of the mosques of the period. Plates 153- 156.

 6.THE OTTOMAN PERIOD, 923 - 1220H. (1517- 1805 A.D.).

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