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   THE MOSQUES OF EGYPT \ 6.THE OTTOMAN PERIOD, 923 - 1220H. (1517- 1805 A.D.).

49- THE MOSQUE OF AL- MALIKA SAFIYA 1019H.(1610) . THIS MOSQUE is situated at ad- Dawadiya. It can be reached through one of the streets branching off from Shari' Muhammad 'Ali, near the Citadel. It was founded by one of the Mamluks of al- Malika Safiya, wife of the Ottoman Sultan Murad III, and was named after her. It is similar in construction to Ottoman mosques, and resembles the Mosque of Sulayman Pahsha at the Citadel. It consists of an open sahn, surrounded by four iwans covered with domes, resting on arches springing from marble columns. In the eastern wall of the sahn are three doors, the central one being larger than the others; above it is a slab, with an inscription stating that the mosque was founded by the mother of Sultan Muhammad Khan, under the supervision of Isma'il Agha, master of the Waqf, in 1019H. These three doors lead to a square space, from the eastern side of which projects the qibla recess, with a mihrab at the back and a marble minbar next to it. The square space is covered in the middle by a huge dome, surrounded by small ones, supported on stone arches which rest on six granite columns. Around the drum of the huge dome is a gallery with a balustrade of turned wood, and windows of pierced stucco, decorated with coloured glass. The dikka is placed immediately behind the central door, opposite the mihrab. It is supported by two marble columns and has a turned wood balustrade. The mosque stands on a level higher than that of the street. Its faades are very simple, and a large semi- circular flight of steps leads up to each of its doors. Its minaret is in the Ottoman style, cylindrical in form; it has one gallery and ends with a conical top. . Plate 159.

 6.THE OTTOMAN PERIOD, 923 - 1220H. (1517- 1805 A.D.).

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