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   THE MOSQUES OF EGYPT \ 7.MUHAMMAD 'ALI PERIOD, 1220 - 1265H. (1805- 1848 A.D.).

52- THE MOSQUE OF HASAN PASHA TAHIR 1224H.(1809) . THIS MOSQUE is situated at Birkat al- Fil. It was built in 1224H. (1809) by Hasan Pasha Tahir and his brother 'Abdin Bey Tahir, two of the noted personalities in the days of Muhammad 'Ali al- Kabir. The faade comprises the entrance, the sabil and Kuttab, and the minaret which stands at its southern end. On the left of the entrance is the mausoleum which is separated from the mosque. The dome is decorated with ribs in slight relief, and the corners of the zone of transition on which it rests are chamfered off. The lower part of its faade is decorated with ornament and stalactites, carved in the stone. To the left when entering is a door that leads to the mausoleum, and to the right is another that leads to the mosque. Above the latter is inscribed the date of completion, 1224H. The same date, together with the names of the founders, Hasan Pasha Tahir and 'Abdin Bey Tahir are inscribed above the other door. The interior of the mosque forms a rectangle; the floor is paved with coloured marble, and the ceiling is decorated with painted ornament and is supported by six marble columns. In the centre is a skylight. In the upper part of the walls are pierced stucco windows, with coloured glass. This mosque, although built at a time when the Ottoman style prevailed, exhibits Mamluk influence. This can easily be seen in its minaret, the elements of which were derived from the Mamluk style. Plate 166.

 7.MUHAMMAD 'ALI PERIOD, 1220 - 1265H. (1805- 1848 A.D.).

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