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58- THE MOSQUE OF AL- FATH 1338H.(1920) . THIS MOSQUE is situated in the street behind the Royal Palace of 'Abdin and it projects beyond the boundaries of the palace gardens. It used to be known by the name of " 'Abdin Mosque", after the name of its founder, 'Abdin Bey, Amir al- Liwa' as- Sultani (Commander of the Sultan's Bodyguard) , who founded it in 1141H. (1728/29). All that remained of the mosque was its minaret and entrance. The rest was restored by order of the late King Fouad, at the beginning of the year 1336H. (beginning of 1918). The Department for the Preservation of Arab Monuments prepared a project for the work and excuted it. On completion of the work, the late King Fouad kindly inaugurated the restored mosque, performing in it the Friday prayers of 6 th Rajab, 1338H. (26 th March, 1920). The mosque has two entrances, one of which is a private royal entrance, accessible only from the gardens of the palace. Facing this entrance is a riwaq preceded by a portico on marble columns, whence a corridor, roofed with small domes, leads directly to the mosque. The interior of the mosque occupies a square area of about 17 metres a side. It is covered with a large dome, supported by four arches, resting on four columns of red granite, with decorated and gilded capitals. The four corners of the square are covered with four small domes. Great care has been shown in decorating the domes and the roofs. The drum of the main dome is surrounded by a beautiful band of inscription, comprising a verse from the Qur'an, the name of the late King Fouad, and the date of completion, 1338H. The walls are lined with a dado of coloured marble. In the centre of the qibla wall is a mihrab, also lined with coloured marble, with a beautiful marble minbar next to it. The floors are paved with coloured marble with a beautiful geometrical design. The lighting arrangements in the mosque have been well designed; they comprise a huge brass lamp, pierced with beautiful designs, which is suspended from the summit of the main dome, by means of brass chains. Other small lamps are suspended under the arches. Plates 193- 196.


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