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59- THE MOSQUE OF DUMAQSIS (AT ROSETTA) 1116H (1704) . THIS MOSQUE, which was founded by Salih Agha Dumaqsis in 1116H. (1704) , is situated in the centre of the City of Rosetta. It is what is called a "Suspended mosque" i.e. built at a level higher than that of the street, and one ascends to it by a flight of steps. The ground storey is occupied by stores and shops above which is the mosque proper, a feature that distinguishes it from other mosques in the city. It is built on a rectangular site. A roofed wooden verandah runs along its northern side, supported on brackets, the ends of which rest on stone columns. This balcony turns round until it joins the staircase that leads to the main entrance. The mosque has a simple wooden roof, supported by two arcades resting on marble columns. The mihrab is lined with beautifully decorated faience tiles, and the qibla wall has a white marble dado with inscriptions in different styles, and some more decorated faience tiles. Next to the mihrab is a wooden minbar of fine craftsmanship. The minaret, which is in the centre of the northern faade, is octagonal as far as the mu'adhdhin's gallery, and is ornamented with floral and geometrical stucco decoration and coloured faience tiles. The gallery is supported on several tiers of stalactites. A fluted cylindrical column is constructed in the centre of the gallery, and ends with a cap. This type of minaret is popular in both Rosetta and Damietta, as well as in other cities in Lower Egypt. Plate 197.


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