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The Procedures of Embracing Islam

It Suffices man to be a believer in the sight of Allah if he believes in Him alone other heavenly revealed religions. He then is entitled to perform all religious duties.

To be treated as a Muslim in this world - as in marriage, social relations, inheritance, funeral ceremonies and others - one has to declare his faith when he pronounces the Muslim. He is considered a Muslim when he testifies that << There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is Allah s Messenger>>. This is enough for a man to be treated as a Muslim, and Allah knows his secret mind.

To secure all his own and his family rights as well as other rights, one has to register this testifiication before concerned authorities after his declaration and testification.

If the new Muslim is a man married to a wife from the people of the book (Jews and Christians), his wife remains with him and she is not forced to join Islam, for it is lawful for a Muslim to take a Jew or a Christian wife. But if the wife is not a Jew or a Christian, she is called upon to join Islam willingly. If she accepts to be a Muslim, she remains as his wife, and he has the right to keep or divorce her. But if she does not accept to be a Muslim, their marriage is illegal and they should be separated.

When a woman embraces Islam, if she is married to a non-Muslim, Islam separates them. If he adopts Islam within a certain period after separation, she can return to him. If he does not embrace Islam, they must be separated. She then, is not allowed to remarry another before a certain period, i.e., after three menstruation periods, or after giving birth to a baby, or after three full months if she does not menstruate.

Children under age and unborn babies follow their Muslim father/mother. There is no inheritance between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.

Whoever embraces Islam - Willingly - should not renegade from it. If he becomes a renegade, he is called upon to repent and return to Islam. If he does not return he is to be punished, for religion is not a means of playfulness.

There are other instructions and guidelines to be follow when someone needs to adopt Islam or to know more about it.

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