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      41- FUSSILAT Expounded Revelations Revealed at Makkah
      42- ASH-SHÛRÂ Counsel Revealed at Makkah
      43- AZ-ZUKHRUF Adornment Revealed at Makkah
      44- AD-DUKHÂN Smoke Revealed at Makkah
      45- AL-JÂTHIYAH Kneeling in Adoration and in Humiliation Revealed at Makkah
      46- Al-AHQÂF The Sandy Hills Revealed at Makkah
      47- MUHAMMAD Muhammad the Prophet Revealed at Madînah
      48- AL-FATH The Opened Gates of Victory Revealed at Madînah
      49- AL-HUJURÂT The Chambers of the Messenger’s Wives Revealed at Madînah
      50- QÂF The Letter Qâf and What It Represents Revealed at Makkah
      51- ATH-THÂRIYÂT The Wind and What It Distributes over the Universe Revealed at Makkah
      52- AT-TÛR The Mount Revealed at Makkah
      53-AN-NAJM The Star Revealed at Makkah
      54- AL-QAMAR The Moon Revealed at Makkah
      55- AR-RAHMÂN The All-Merciful (The Unique Attribute of Allâh) Revealed at Madînah
      56- AL-WÂQI`AH The Event Revealed at Makkah
      57- AL-HADÎD Iron Revealed at Madînah
      58- AL-MUJÂDALAH Series of Statements to Establish a Rule Revealed at Madînah
      59- AL-HASHR The Mustering Revealed at Madînah
      60- AL-MUMTAHANAH The Woman Tested Revealed at Madînah
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