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   Quran /93- AD-DUHA The Forenoon Revealed at Makkah /


This sûrah opens with two solemn declarations expressive of the time of activity and that of quietude: that Allâh Has not abandoned His Messenger or disfavored him, and that He prepares for him high ranks in the Hereafter that excel what he experiences here. Then Allâh gives a solemn declaration that He will generously bestow on him what will meet with his expectation of blessing and benefaction. What preceded attests to what will follow: the Messenger was an orphan and Allâh took him into His care; he was wandering and Allâh guided him; he was poor and Allâh gave him riches. Then the verses call him not to mistreat or humiliate the orphan, nor to be unkind to one who addresses a petition to him, and to express his gratitude by announcing Allâh’s bounty upon him and all grace abounding in him. In the Name of Allâh, The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful

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