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   Quran /18- AL-KAHF The Cave Revealed at Makkah /

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22. Tossed with their controversies, the People of the Book were divided in opinion relative to the number of the young men, and in the course of time, some will say, ?They numbered three, their dog was the fourth.? Others will say, ?Five, their dog the sixth,? guessing at the Unseen; whereas others will say, ?Seven, and their dog the eighth.? Say to them, Muhammad, ?Allâh knows best their number; it is only a few who have been given the knowledge of the number (and the significance of the event).? Therefore, do not wrangle, Muhammad, in the heat of their dispute, but treat the subject from an objective standpoint only so as to exhibit the outward facts and never seek pronouncement from any of them upon the event.

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