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   Quran /18- AL-KAHF The Cave Revealed at Makkah /


This sûrah starts with praising Allâh for sending down the glorious Qur’ân. It shows that the Qur’ân is a warning and joyful tidings. The Qur’ân includes a warning to those who claimed that Allâh has begotten a son. The sûrah mentions how the Prophet is keen on the belief of those whom he called to the path of Allâh. Then it mentions the story of the people of the cave, who slept then rose after they had spent 309 years. They were a number of the People of the Book, who fled from the persecution of their ruler. They lay there for this duration of time, then were resurrected in a token of Allâh’s omnipotence over resurrection after death. After this, Allâh commands His Prophet to recite the Qur’ân and to give warnings and joyful tidings by means of it. He then shows the condition of the people of Paradise and those of the Fire. Allâh gives a parable of two men: a rich one who takes pride in his wealth and progeny, and another who obeys Allâh. Allâh shows that His sovereignty is the truth, that the adornment of this life below is doomed to annihilation, and that there will either be eternal bliss or painful torment on the Day of Resurrection. Then Allâh mentions the story of Mûsâ (Moses) with the righteous man who was given knowledge from Allâh. In this narrative Allâh shows that man is ignorant, even if he is a prophet sent by Allâh, unless Allâh grants him knowledge. Then there is a mention of Thul-Qarnayn and how he reached the far east and built a barrier. The sûrah then deals with the Day of Resurrection and what is going to happen on that Day and the reward awaiting believers. Then the sûrah mentions Allâh’s absolute knowledge of everything and His words that have no end. The sûrah concludes by showing the way to satisfying Allâh. In the Name of Allâh, The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful

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