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   Quran /83- -MUTAFFIFÎN Fraudulent Traders Revealed at Makkah /


This sûrah opens with a warning to those who defraud people, whether buying or selling. It portrays people’s tendency to obtain their belongings and rights complete without any defect, and threatens those who defraud people with resurrection and requital, asserting that their deeds are recorded in a book, which is denied by every sinful transgressor, who is barred from Allâh and destined to Hellfire. Then the verses assure the righteous of their deeds and mentions the blessings stored for them and their distinguishing features. It refers to the blessings for which the competitors compete. The verses also depict what the disbelievers used to do to the believers when they saw or passed by them. The sûrah ends with assuring the believers that they will be fairly treated on the Day of Judgment and that their abode will be the Garden, where they will laugh at the disbelievers, gracefully seated on high couches beholding how the disbelievers were paid for what they used to do. In the Name of Allâh, The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful

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