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   Quran /38- SÂD (The Letter) Sâd Revealed at Makkah /


This sûrah portrays an aspect of the pagans’ arrogance and their antagonism to the Prophet’s mission, their envy of the Prophet for the message and for the Qur’ân that Allâh conferred on him. It refutes their false allegations and makes it clear that their false dignity and their love of opposition and discord were the main reasons for their fighting the message. Had Allâh’s punishment been inflicted on them, they would never have taken the same stand against the Prophet. Allâh gives examples of old to illustrate the consequences of disobeying Allâh in order to restrain their arrogance and stubbornness and to support His Messenger to convey the message regardless of the troubles and affliction posed by the disbelievers he may face, and that he may thank Allâh for the bounties conferred on him, as did the previous prophets and messengers. Then Allâh mentions the grace that He has prepared for the believers and the dreadful abode He has prepared for the tyrants. He reminds them of what happened between their father Ibrâhîm (Abraham) and his enemy Iblîs (Satan) to make them realize that it is in Satan’s character to call to them to ignore the truth, and it was the reason for his being expelled from Allâh’s mercy. Then the sûrah ends with defining the Prophet’s mission to convey the message. He does not ask them for a price for it, nor does he assume it by himself without being entrusted by Allâh. The Qur’ân imparts divine knowledge and guidance to all the worlds, and they will come to know in due course the truth of its precepts. In the Name of Allâh, The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful

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